Sunday, 4 May 2014

The return to Otterburn

Figures painted By Andrew Taylor

I have spent the last few weeks (With the help of Chris Meacham) getting my Samurai army ready for a demo game at the Falkirk show. I'll be doing this demo with four of the guys from the Edinburgh club. We will post images after the show. 

This has left me thinking about a new project and have decided to re-visit the 'Battle of Otterburn 1388'. (I know... a bit of an obsession!)  Anyway, I have decided to re- paint all the figures and get the terrain the way that I want it this time. I will also be doing some painting guides and WIP tutorials on this blog. I have been experimenting with some video tutorials today and will post a test video tomorrow... all going well with the technology that is! I'll start with a unit of English Bill and Spear men lead by Hotspur himself.

Here is an image of  some figures painted by Olddorg from the Metal Mountain blog And one of the main reasons I have decided to do this again!

So upwards and onwards...I'll post some images of the first English Bill tomorrow.



El Grego said...

Returning to Otterburn is most welcome here as I am about to plan out some more Scots myself - the tutorials are especially intriguing.

Dalauppror said...

Sounds exellent David, we all need our obsessions;)

Looking forward to see how it all turn out, splending I suppouse:9

Best regards Michael

Phil said...


Moiterei_1984 said...

Excellent work once again!