Saturday, 17 May 2014

The Wolf of Badenoch

Some Claymore Castings news

Andrew has been working on a new command pack for our Scots and English ranges. Here is one of the figures from that pack ' The Wolf of Badenoch'. I'll post more about this pack soon.

He has also been painting up some of our Highlanders as spear men for our 'Battle of Harlaw ' game that we plan soon.


Dalauppror said...

Lovely painted minis !

Bill5549 said...

Great figures. Looking forward to your Harlaw game - when will it be on show?

Graham C said...

I agree great looking figures, I like 'the wolf'

Jason Meyers said...

Very nice!

Phil said...

Beautiful minis!

elcid1099 said...

Your Wolf model looks great, ready to burn Elgin! Every time I visit Dunkeld I drop in by the Cathedral and to see the Wolf's tomb (and the faded old Black Watch colours).

Love all the other new minis too. This is a fantastic range!

Dave Huntley (sheepman) said...

David, you asked to have a look at your figures when I had finished painting them:
Not painted to your standards of course but pleased with them just the same.
P.S. Next posting below is my re-fight of Otterburn.

saxon dog said...

Hi Dave and a great job you have done on them!
The Otterburn game looks great too.
I'll be revisiting Otterburn as a project as soon as my neck and back problems get better.


Hendrid said...

Great looking figure there D, I will getting that command pack when it's released. Nice!

A couple of hills nearly done BTW, will drop you a note when finished.

saxon dog said...

Thanks Hendrid and good news on the hills!