Friday, 24 March 2017

Charge of John the Blind

The charge of John the Blind at the Battle of Crecy 1346.
Claymore Castings are proud to release the first of their Medieval History character sets.

We at Claymore Castings are suckers for a poetic story!

The set is more of a military modelling kit than just wargames figures and have been designed to give the utmost detail.

The horses come in three parts and the riders in two or three. The King John figure comes with a choice of helmets and the falling knight in his retinue, with a broken lance.
The figure are “CS1” and can be purchased at
Figures require assembly.

I have painted three of these figures as other French knights from the period to show that although we have released this as a “John the Blind” set, the figures can be used as any European knights of the period. Future mounted knights are being designed and these will probably have horses as a one part casting. This set is a real collector’s piece and a must for any medieval enthusiast to own!

To really spoil you guys...this month we have also released our French Foot Command 0T50

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