Tuesday, 30 January 2018

The second cohort.

 The second unit all finished and based up.

 Fielded as 3 x 16man units with a 120mm frontage for games of "To the strongest" using 150mm grids.
Fielded as 2 x 24 man units with a 180mm frontage for games on a 200mm grid.

Think I will treat myself to a command base next.


Michal Kucharski DwarfCrypt said...

Great again!

Steve Williams said...

Lovely work!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

They look fantastic David!


Unknown said...

Lovely work as usual. Can I ask though about the bases? I appear to have counted two bases having 14 figs (left two) and the far right one having 16? also, is each base 18cm wide? I'm bogged down by my own caesarians so yours are an inspiration. I'm thinking about abandoning shield transfers which is where i'm struggling to justify the time. Think your red ones look great.

saxon dog said...

Gordon, each base is 60mm wide and two or three together make the unit. So, I can field 180mm or 120mm frontage. There is between 6 to 8 figures on a base. But the rules I use fight as a unit rather than the individual soldiers. Hope that helps.


Unknown said...

It does David, thanks. I don't game, I just paint (periodically) and I use 4cm wide by 6cm deep, with 4 figs on. So ramping it to 6cmx6cm with six would work. Cheers.