Monday, 25 March 2019

Symposium Roundup

Some images of the activities at the Wargames Hobby Craft Symposium. The event was intended to be "something different" and it was. We had sculpting, terrain making, painting clinics as the core of the events with display and participation games and a painting competition in the main hall. The whole thing was intended to be a chance for hobby enthusiasts to get together, learn and share ideas in small groups. The clinics were designed to be conversations and interactive rather than just showing skills.

 My thanks to Thomas Foss, Matthew Bickley, Carl Robson, Jim Masson, Steve Rimmer, Iain Mcdonald, Derek Rolland, Arlynne Gold, Finn Gold-Imrie, the Methil Sea Cadets, James Sharpe and  Co organiser Nichol Murray, who all worked to make it a quality event.

Army painter kindly supplied the paints and brushes for the Painting Clinics. Well done you guys for supporting us.

The painting competition had entries of the highest standards and I will do a separate post about that as there was some true eye candy on show.


Graham C said...

Looks like a brilliant idea I hope it was successful for everyone especially for you in co-ordinating it all. I would really like to see thtake place again and receive a lot more support.

roma912 said...

Looks like you had a great event Dave, pity I wasn't able come along over the weekend.

Cheers, Ross

Willie Anderson said...


This is a great idea and one which I'm sure will grow over the years. I was lucky enough to attend on the Saturday and had a very informative chat with Matt Bickley whose work is quite outstanding.

Best wishes

Matt Crump said...

Fantastic idea would love to come but distance a challenge🙂

Friends Of General Haig said...

A really great idea for an event. Glad it went well and I hope it goes on to become bigger.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Sure looks like great fun was had by everyone!


Jay White said...

Awesome --- I wish I was there! I see that Thomas Foss --- knew he was heading over the pond with his stuff. Looks like fun all around!