Friday 3 May 2024


 I have started to add grenadiers to my Prussian and Russian, Seven Years War collection. 

Here are the '13/26 Finck' converged grenadier regiment. These were converged fron their parent bns of the 13th Tzenplits (2 coys) and the Meyerinck (2 coys) bns.

Painted by Colin Davidson and myself. Figures are Claymore Castings.

Monday 19 February 2024

Russian 3pdr bn gun

One of the things I really wanted for my Seven Years war Russian collection was a 3pdr BN gun.

I managed to get Richard Dickens to make one for Claymore Castings. Here is a sneak preview of the 3rd printed master.

Wednesday 1 November 2023

Major-general Leontiev

 Finished my command base for the Russian brigade. This is my Major-general Leontiev who command the brigade at Kunersdorf.

The brigade 

I was asked about the paints I used for the greens and reds on this project. I chose the colours for painting large numbers fast and so I can go back and replicate the recipe in the future.

Here they are..


1: Base of GW Mephiston Red.
2: Light wash with Army Painted Stong Tone, thined out with a touch of water.
3: A highlight of GW Evil Sunz Scarlet.

The Green

1: Base of Foundry Russian Green B.
2: A slight wash with Strong Tone thinned out with a touch of water.
3: A highlight of Russian Green C and a touch of flesh added.

Hope this helps!


Monday 30 October 2023

Nizovski 2nd Bn

 Just finished the 2nd Bn Nizovski. This completes the Russian brigade. Here are some images of the troops. I will add a brigadier next.

Wednesday 25 October 2023


An update on my SYW Russian brigade. Just 12 figures left to paint then onto a brigade command base. 


Thursday 19 October 2023

2nd Bn Nizovski

 A SYW project update.

 I started working on the second bn Nizovski for my new Russian brigade. I finished the 1st Bn Nizovski a few weeks back.

Here is the command base for the Nizovski 2nd Battalion.

The command bases of the 1st and 2nd bn Nizovski.

The command bases of the 1st and 2nd bn Troitskiy with the command bases of the Nizovski regiment.

The brigade so far. 2 battalions of Troitskiy and shortly the 2 battalion of Nizovski.  Battalions are 30 figures strong, making the regiment 60 figues and a brigade 120 figures. The round regiment command bases are 50mm diameter, I plan to make the brigade command base a 60mm diameter base.
These 2 battalions were brigaded together (with others) at Kunersdorf under Major-General Leontiev.
The figures are Claymore Castings with GMB flags.

Sunday 20 August 2023

Big game day


 I ran a big game day for my wargames friends today.  The day consisted of two large games in the same hall. One a Seven Years War (SYW) game and the other an American Civil War (ACW) game. There was 16 gamers on two 18 foot tables.

The tables umpires were Andy Mill and Colin Davidson for ACW and Nichol Murray and myself for the SYW. Nichol being the over all umpire for the day. We used the 'This Hallowed Ground ' ACW rules by Jay White and a SYW variant of these rules by Nichol.

There was a blue force and a red force on each table. We marked the looses for each force over the two tables for an over all result. 

Figures were from the collections of the  group members. 68 units on eCh table.

Some photos of the SYW game...

About 80 battalions in total. A fictional scenario with Austrian, Bavarian, Wurttemberg, Prussian and Russian forces.

Images of the ACW game..

Again, roughly 60 battalions in total.

It was a fantastic day! We plan to do another one soon.