Sunday, 20 August 2023

Big game day


 I ran a big game day for my wargames friends today.  The day consisted of two large games in the same hall. One a Seven Years War (SYW) game and the other an American Civil War (ACW) game. There was 16 gamers on two 18 foot tables.

The tables umpires were Andy Mill and Colin Davidson for ACW and Nichol Murray and myself for the SYW. Nichol being the over all umpire for the day. We used the 'This Hallowed Ground ' ACW rules by Jay White and a SYW variant of these rules by Nichol.

There was a blue force and a red force on each table. We marked the looses for each force over the two tables for an over all result. 

Figures were from the collections of the  group members. 68 units on eCh table.

Some photos of the SYW game...

About 80 battalions in total. A fictional scenario with Austrian, Bavarian, Wurttemberg, Prussian and Russian forces.

Images of the ACW game..

Again, roughly 60 battalions in total.

It was a fantastic day! We plan to do another one soon.


Wednesday, 16 August 2023

Medieval Photo Shoot.


A gallery of my Medieval collection.  All Claymore Castings.

Edward III
Genoes Crossbow.

Prince of Navarre.


English Longbow

City militias