Monday, 9 August 2021

More TYW

Some more Thirty Years War figures painted up to garrison the redoubt at my castle. These are TAG Miniatures and Foundry figures. 


Mad Padre said...

Lovely figures - your highlighting technique is very effective. Love the buildings as well! Cheers, Michael

Matt Crump said...

Beautiful figures and oh what a wonderful town 👍

Painterman said...

Hi David
Just found this blog - all lovely stuff and I continue to admire your fantastic level of painting and the time that you can find to do it all in...hardly doing anything these days.
Hope to see you soon in Newark!

saxon dog said...

Thanks all, I will take images of the castle and look forward to Newark Simon.

Mr D. Hindley said...

The city walls are a thing of beauty David!! Just stunning!!!

The level of detail and realism is quite breathtaking.

I've been in touch with TM terrain about building boards for Fulford Gate to refight the battle again but this time with more of an accurate landscape that models the (highly probable) reason that Haadrada's troops managed to outflank the "English". In other words, I think I have caught the TM Terrain bug!!