Friday, 10 September 2021

Allied Javelin Unit

 Finished basing up a formed Italian Javelin unit that can also split into two or three light Javelin units. I will use these as allies for my Republican Roman army. I speed painted these a while back but last evenings game inspired me to get them based up. Victrix miniatures for use with the 'To the Strongest' rule set. 

What a great evening playing 'To the Strongest' with my mates at the club, first time in a long time.

We played 155 Pts a side, my Republican Romans Vs John Glass's Numidian army.

John and Brian Phillips played the Numidians and Nichol Murray and I, the Romans. 

After a rapid advance across the table, those pesky Numidians found a path straight for our camp. I was beginning to feel like it could have been one of Rome's greatest defeats. The Numidian Cavalry were making progress on our flanks and John's Elephants were stomping down on my command.

After this initial shock the Romans began to steady up, killing the elephants and turning things around. With just 4 coins left in the Numidian camp and 6 in the Roman camp, time was getting on and we decided to call it an evening.

Great game and lots of laughs.

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