Thursday, 16 September 2021

Germanic Army based up


This week I decided to give my Germanic army a bit of attention. I based up the warbands just in time for a game that was planned. The game will be roughly 136pts for 'To the Strongest' rules, Germanics Vs Caesarian. 
Here is the battle line...

4 x Light Javelin 

4 x Warband Deep, with 2 heros. 

4 x Germanic Cavalry (2 more than the army list permits but I have the models). 

1 x Heroic General 

1 x Camp. 

The Heroic General. This is a Warlord miniature but most of the army is Victrix and Foundy. 


marinergrim said...

Very nice. Especially like the fact that you've got James Hetfield as your commander.

Neil said...

Dang. I think my Roman Commander just wet himself. That is a great looking horde of German troops!

Friends Of General Haig said...

A superb looking Germanic horde! I especially like the Warlord with dawgs 😀.

rct75001 said...

Oh they look very very good. I am taken by the work on the flesh and tatoos especially.


Oberst Von Fabritz ou Capitaine Starck ou Berni ou Prince Fafa said...

Superbe !

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic! New to wargaming and just got warlord germanic cavalry which Im really pleased with but after seeing your pics keen to add some foundry germanic cav and maybe foot soldiers. Do you have any sense of how warlord and foundry compare in terms of size? Cheers, shaun