Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Republican Infantry completed

 That is the Roman and Italian Infantry elements of my army completed. Just some command bases to add. I'll work on some Cavalry next. Figures are mostly Victrix miniatures with a few Aventine added in. 

I have some Italian Javelin men that are not in the picture taking the figure total up to the 330 mark. 


Jose Maria Cagiga said...

Truly amazing army!!

Chris Hahn said...

Very nice. Very nice, indeed.

May I ask about opponents - real or planned?

What rules do you use?

Thanks for posting the pics. Truly superior brush work.


marinergrim said...


Bedford said...

A wonderful army David.

I don't mind admitting I'm a little green with envy :>)

Saxondog said...

Thank you all. I plan some Carthaginians next.

Ratmaul said...

That is an impressive army! 6 legions in “tripla acies” with 18 men units.
This is a dream army, sir. If I had a hat 🎩 on I would take it off to salute you.
A couple of questions: a consular army is 4 legions (2 Roman and 2 allied), if the 2 consuls fought together would be 8.
Why 6, then? 🤔

Which ruleset would you like to use?
I stay tuned to see the rest! 🤩

Saxondog said...

Ratmaul,Thank you. Its just about numbers the now. I want to play big games and have been focused on the Roman Legions. At present I use my white shields units as Italian and the black as Roman. I'll start to balance out the Allied contingents with more Italian Allied looking figures over the next year or so. Eventually I'll have 6 Roman Formations and (hopefully) 6 Italian but that's a long way off. For these big games we use 'To the Strongest' rules. Hope this helps