Monday 26 September 2022

Seven Years War

I have been painting up some of the new Seven Years War, Prussian figures from Claymore Castings...

There are 32 figures in the first release. Once I paint up every one for the website. I'll then focus on building units. Hope you guys like these@



  1. Amazing work! Great looking characters.

  2. These are really nice, characterful figures, having the same sort of slightly-charicatured vibe as the original Foundry figures sculpted by Mark Copplestone, but even more so! Hopefully they are compatible with those, and the Crusader figures for the period. If I was being pedantic (and why break the habit of a lifetime?) I would say the position of the arm carrying the musket isn't really right, with the upper arm going far out to the man's side rather than falling near-vertically. The first problem is that it would be extremely uncomfortable to bear the weight of the heavy musket in this fashion, if you think about it. Secondly there wouldn't be room for this extended arm: scarcely 22" was allowed for each file, with the men constantly maintained light contact, elbow to elbow. Thirdly, the man on each man's left wouldn't be able to touch elbow to elbow, without sticking his right arm out in the air as well, which would look very silly.

    But if we overlook this issue, these are smashing figures, and I hope this range is a good seller.