Sunday 2 April 2023

Tróitskiy Regiment

The command base for my latest SYW Russian unit ' Troitskiy Infantry '.

This will be the 4th infantry battalion out of the 5 required for the scenario that I'm working towards. 

The Senario is the 'Combat of St. Ulriich'. Taken from the 'Honours of War' rule book by Osprey.

A small change I have made is to add a gun emplacement on the defenders side of the river, guarding the bridge. I'm also using 30man units. The table will be 7 foot by 5 when fully completed.

The red side: Russians.
1st Bn Troitskiy.
1st Bn Kurinskiy.
1 6pdr Artillery (in the gun emplacement).
1 unit of Russian Currasiers.

The Russians deploy in a holding position on the enemy side of the river and aim to give the attackers a bloody nose before retiring back across the river to defend the bridge.

The blue side: Prussians.
1st Bn, IR19, Markgraf Carl Infantry.
2nd Bn,IR19, Markgraf Carl Infantry.
1st Bn, IR35, Prinz Heinrich von Preußen Fusiliers.
1 x 6 Pounder Artillery.
1 unit of Prussian Hussars.

The Prussians are deployed in march column and their objectives are to destroy the enemy, and take the bridge.

I still have a lot to get done for this scenario but it is taking shape nicely. Hopefully the first game will be in a couple of weeks time. I hope to play this a few times and keep adding to the collection.

Figures are Claymore Castings and flags by GMB and Flags of War.



  1. Nice command stand, Russians are one army I have no figures for but seeing your work makes me think they could well be on the horizon!! Looking forward to seeing this scenario when it hits the table, very inspirational!

  2. David,

    Amazing Brushwork!

    An interesting scenario for a newly recruited army.


    1. Thank you John. Your comments have inspired me to do more.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, I'm loving your latest troops as well.

  4. Beautiful David. Im also very impressed by the terrain, the game will look terrific.

    1. Thank you, delighted you like this. I appreciate your comments. David